More Wandering in Kentucky

Pile of rocks, boulders and trees

This is a relatively brief post about more of the wanderings in Kentucky that my wife and I did in August of this year. After finishing the Natural Bridge Trail, we decided to do more hiking in the area, and chose the Whittleton Trail. This trail is a 2-mile in-and-out trail that purported to be relatively easy to moderate, and it was just up from Hemlock Lodge, the center of activity in the Natural Bridge State Resort.

We took off on the trail after deciphering the instructions on where to park. The parking lot is just inside the entrance to the Whittleton Campground, and it is necessary to walk up the road past the campground to the trailhead. It's only a short walk, however, and then the trail begins. 

The trail follows Whittleton Creek, meandering back and forth towards KY 15, a nearby highway. It was a pleasant walk, if uneventful. The most difficulties faced on the trail were the mud and a couple of broken bridges across small streams. Supposedly, there is a Whittleton Arch somewhere on the trail, but other than a partial arch that we saw across the creek, we saw no signs of it. However, we did not complete the trail, due to time constraints, so we might just not have gotten there.

We ended our trip near a great pile of boulders and trees that provides a crossing over the creek. After going across and traipsing in and about the rocks, we realized that out time was drawing to a close. We were hoping to visit with family in Tennessee, and it was starting to get late. So, we headed back to the car.

rock formation
ground cover
partial rock arch
ground cover

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