These few images were taken during a hike along the coast of Norris Lake in Norris Dam State Park.

I've been to the River Bluff Trail once before, when I was too late to see the wildflowers blooming, but this time, I was able to see a wide variety of wildflowers growing along this trail.

These images were taken at the Twin Arches Trail in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area just a few weeks before spring 2017.

This trail is a three-mile loop trail roughly 25-30 miles from Knoxville, TN. The trail loops around near the Clinch River, not far from Norris Dam.

These images are from the Loyston Loop Trail in Loyston Point, which is north of Knoxville. Loyston Point is a peninsula on the Clinch River, and is about 30 miles north of the city proper. According to the maps, this trail is 5.4 miles in length.

These images are from the Judge Branch Trail and part of the South Old Mac Trail, in Frozen Head State Park. This is a relatively short trail along a creek, with 1.20 miles on the Judge Branch Trail, and looping back along around a mile on the South Old Mac Trail.

The Seven Islands State Birding Park is about 20 minutes drive out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Situated around the French Broad River, there are hiking trails throughout the bird refuge. This hike followed a the Upland Inner Trail Loop and the Seven Islands Loop Trail, about 2.5 miles in all.

These pictures are from the House Mountain State Natural Area, which is only about 8 miles northeast of Knoxville. The hike took place over about 5 miles along the network of trails around the mountain, in the winter season.

These images were taken on the Huskey Gap Trail, a 4.2-mile round trip trail in the Great Smokey Mountains. It's a pretty moderate trail with a steady elevation change throughout.

These images are taken from a trip to the top of Blood Mountain with a group of former colleagues from the Clemson Libraries in the autumn of 2015.