These pictures are taken during a Halloween hike at Big Ridge State Park. A couple of the trails taken were, appropriately enough, the Dark Hollow Trail and the Ghost House Trail.

Turkey Pen Ridge is a hiking trail in the Smokies that is about 3.5 miles to where it intersects with Schoolhouse Gap. These pictures were taken during an autumn hike, so there is some color to the foliage.

These are just a few pictures from when I couldn't go for a hike, due to rain or crowds.

I've been on this trail before, when my wife and I did some traveling one late summer. This is a relatively short trail, around 3.5 miles round trip, and the path moves through many different types of environments.

The Town Creek Park area has a series of trails that wind through the park, situated in Pickens, SC. This little stroll went about 2 miles on these paths.

Hen Wallow Falls can be found in the Great Smoky Mountains along the Gabes Mountain Trail. It's a 4.4-mile round trip trail, that's mostly moderate to difficult, with a rather steep and strenuous last part down to the base of the falls.

These pictures were taken during my second trip to Rainbow Falls in Jones Gap State Park.

Recently, I returned to the Winding Stairs Trail with a group of friends. We walked up from the lower parking lot, stopped at Miuka Falls, and then made our way back down for almost 4.5 miles total. Only pictures of the falls this time, as I was enjoying the company of my fellow hikers.

On the first weekend of April, I decided to head up to the Table Rock summit again. Last time, it was in the middle of autumn, but this time, spring was just starting to make itself felt. So, the foliage wasn't as lush as before, and the weather still had a little bit of a chill in it. 


These pictures are from a return trip to the Frank Coggins Trail in the Caesar's Head State Park area. This trail, just barely a mile, is good for a quick walk in the woods. I processed them in black and white, as it was still near winter, and winter pictures just seem better in black and white.