These pictures are from a winter trip to Station Cove Falls, one of the trails at the Oconee Station State Historic Site.

I returned to the Sourwood Trail in the late fall of 2014. These pictures were taken of the trail going the direction opposite from last time.

This is a winter visit to Hidden Falls in Oconee State Park. I visited this trail once before in the late summer.

This gallery shows the Sulphur Springs Trail in Paris Mountain during the fall. The pictures try to capture the beauty of the fall colors, but do not do full justice to the fantastic display.

I returned to the Tamassee Knob Trail in the late summer. This 2.1-mile trail was much more summery this time, very humid. But, a rain eventually came through and cooled things down.

These pictures were taken during a return to the Raven Rock Trail around Jocassee Gorge.

I have been to the Fants Grove area of the Clemson Experimental Forest before. However, recently, I became aware of the Issaquena area of the Clemson Experimental Forest, which is just a short drive up from the university. I tried out some part of the trail on a Saturday morning in late summer, to see what it was like. To my delight, I found the area to be worth returning to on my evenings after work.

The Big Bend Falls trail is a difficult 3.4-mile trail to view this impressive 30-foot waterfall on the Chattooga River. The short spur trail to get close to the falls is tough to get through and requires some work, but the view is worth it.

The Eastatoe Creek Heritage Preserve trail is a 1.7-mile trail down to the creek that is its namesake. It is relatively easy, but there is some elevation to navigate during the last .5 miles of the trip. The trailhead is just off US 178, not far from the border between South Carolina and North Carolina.

The Beech Bluff Trail is a short 1.2-mile hike in the Lake Hartwell State Recreation Area right around the junction of SC Highway 11 and I-85. The hike goes down to Lake Hartwell and returns, by way of the road through the park.