These photos are from a second trip along the East Fork Trail.

The Falls Creek Falls Trail is in the Jones Gap State Park in upstate South Carolina. It's a 1.8-mile trail to the falls, but very steep and strenuous. But the waterfall is worth it, and these pictures were taken in winter after a recent snow.

These were taken on a second trip to the Mountain Creek Trail in Paris Mountain State Park, this time in the winter.

These pictures were taken from a brief trip to Stumphouse Tunnel, just near Issaqueena Falls in upstate SC, north of Walhalla.

This trail is a nearly 2-mile loop trail in Table Rock State Park. This trail also serves as the starting point for at least two other trails in the area, the Table Rock summit trail, and Pinnacle Rock. This trail is rather easy, with a couple of moderately strenuous points, but it provides many views of cascades and rapids as it winds around Carrick Creek. I rendered the images in black and white, to emphasize the textures of the subjects.

This 3.5-mile one way trail in upstate SC near the Cherry Hill Recreation Area offers views of Miuka Falls, and during the autumn, some gorgeous color.

These pictures were taken on a brief hike on the Hospital Rock Trail, in Jones Gap State Park. The full trail was not available that day, due to a trail closure, but the available part of the trail offered wonderful views of the fall colors.

These waterfalls were reached by the Deep Creek Loop Trail, in the Great Smoky Mountains. This loop trail was a relatively easy 4.6-mile trail found just outside of Bryson City, North Carolina.

Chau-Ram County Park is a relatively small recreational park in upstate South Carolina, off of Hwy. 76, between Westminster, SC and Clayton, GA. The name comes from the Chauga River, that flows through the park, and Ramsey Creek, which provides a nice little waterfall. The Chauga River has some beach areas for picnics and swimming, and across the bridge from the park entrance, there is a network of hiking trails on the western side of the river.

Station Cove Falls is reached by a trail that starts from the Oconee Station State Historic site, in upstate South Carolina. This site is one of the state's first frontier outposts in the mountains, and the waterfall is an impressive tiered cascade that is reminiscent of Yellow Branch and Issaqueena Falls. The trail itself is a relatively easy hike of about 2.5 miles round trip.