Rainbow Falls is a gorgeous plunge waterfall at the end of a difficult 2.2-mile trail, which requires about a mile of traveling along the Jones Gap Trail to get to. 

These pictures are from a short hike in Devil's Fork State Park in upstate South Carolina. The trail is the Oconee Bells Trail, which is a 1-mile loop through the park. The trail is named for the Oconee Bell, one of the rarest wildflowers in the United States.

The Dukes Creek Falls Trail is a relatively moderate to easy trail that's about 1.1 miles one-way. The stars of the trail are the falls themselves, that one sees at the end of the trail. A swirling, whitewater chaos that is beautiful to see. These images were purposefully rendered in black and white, to emphasize the textures and values in the subjects.

The Coldspring Branch Trail is a 2.6-mile trail in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area in upstate South Carolina. This gallery also includes images from the Jones Gap trail, which I traversed, in order to complete a trail loop that led me back to the Raven Cliffs parking area.

This Raven Cliff Falls is in north Georgia, as opposed to the falls in South Carolina, and is a 2.5-mile, moderate hike right up to the base of a great waterfall streaming down between two stone bluffs. The trail follows Dodd Creek, and with the recent rainfall, the creek flowed quite strongly.

The Johnstone Trail is part of a network of trails just outside of the Clemson campus, the Fant's Grove Wildlife Management Area. The Johnstone Trail is a relatively easy trail, about 2.5 miles, also in use by horseback riders. During the winter, the trail is not a bad walk, even if it's not the most scenic.

The Tamassee Knob Trail is part of the network of trails that in Oconee State Park in upstate South Carolina. This trail, just over 2 miles in and 2 miles back out, is a moderate trail that leads to the top of Tamassee Knob, a 1,620-foot peak. Perhaps not the most impressive peak in the area, it still provides a wonderful view of the Carolina Blue Ridge mountains. These pictures were taken on a cold morning in late January, with some ice still lingering on the trail in spots.

Amicalola Falls State Park is in the North Georgia area, located west of Dahlonega. Besides the obvious attraction, the waterfalls themselves, there is a network of trails through the park. These images are from the Spring Trail, the Mountain Laurel, or Green Mountain, Trail, and the Creek Trail, which together form a loop through the main part of the park.

The Raven Cliff Falls Trail in South Carolina is a moderate 2.2-mile hike (4.4 miles, round trip) to an overlook for the waterfall that gives the trail its name. The trail is part of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, with a trail head in Caesar's Head State Park. These images were taking in mid-January of 2013.

My first hike of 2013, I returned to a trail I've done before, over in the Keowee-Toxaway State Natural Area, just north of PIckens, SC. The Raven Rock Trail was the first hike I posted about on Quercus Ilicifolia. The entrance and exit for the Raven Rock Trail is on the Natural Bridge Trail. This is a relatively short hike to start the year, taking just under an hour to hike.