Walking Along Norris Lake

treetops in Norris Dam

This is just a quick set of shots from a hike up along the lakeside in Norris Dam State Park. There are a series of trails on the coastline that weave among themselves and I just chose a path. The set of trails I chose stayed in the vicinity of the east campground and was just a couple of miles or so.

treetops again

Third Try at Parson's Mountain

lake view

The Parson's Mountain Recreation Area is just outside of Abbeville, SC, which is about an hour and a half south of the Clemson area. I got to be rather familiar with this route, as I had tried multiple times to take this trail. I had been looking for a different place to hike, and I had found the loop trail around the lake at Parson's Mountain on the internet. This was my third time trying to hike this trail, and I finally found the park to be open for the spring.

burned tree
green leaves
lake road
gold mine
close up of stump
green forest
gnarled tree
lake view
creek view

Portland Interlude

Cathedral Park

In mid-September, my wife and I took a trip out to Portland, Oregon for a week, for a vacation. Besides getting the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with family up there, we took the opportunity to do a little hiking around the Portland area. The three hikes we took during that week are the Lower Maple Trail Loop in Forest Park, the Oak Island Trail on Sauvie Island, and Horsetail Falls along the Columbia River Gorge.

View of the mountains outside of Portland
Moss covered trees
Trail running through trees
Maple leaves backlit by the sun
A stump and twisted branches covered by moss
Stand of trees in Sauvie Island
Small lake
Grassy trail
Wild blackberries
Closed Queen Anne's Lace
Waterfall flowing between rocks
Underside of bridge
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