North Carolina

Up in the Smokies

mountain view

So, my wife and I, still on our hiking vacation, decided to take some time in the Great Smoky Mountains along the border between Tennessee and North Carolina. After looking through some hiking choices, we opted to go for the Andrews Bald Trail. This trail is about 3.5 miles round trip to a peak that tops out at around 6300 feet. It is a moderate trail, with an elevation gain of about 900 feet, but it's a nice day hike.

Great Smoky Mountains
hiking trail
dead tree
mountain view
mountain view
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Falls and Fungi

The Lower Whitewater Falls Trail starts just short of the North Carolina - South Carolina border on Hwy. 130 from a parking lot of Duke Power's Bad Creek Hydroelectric Station. This 2-mile hike in to an overlook for the falls is moderately strenuous, and provides a series of great views through extremely varied terrain.

photo of trail
photo of rhododendron forest
photo of small fungi
photo of mushroom with water in upturned cup
photo of fern frond
photo of bridge
photo of yellow fungus
photo of waterfall
photo of waterfall
photo of mushrooms
photo of white blooms
photo of waterfall
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