Walking Along Norris Lake

treetops in Norris Dam

This is just a quick set of shots from a hike up along the lakeside in Norris Dam State Park. There are a series of trails on the coastline that weave among themselves and I just chose a path. The set of trails I chose stayed in the vicinity of the east campground and was just a couple of miles or so.

The trail itself was pretty grown up with foliage, so it was difficult to get a view of the lake. So, the few photos were mostly of the trees. The most interesting event was when I came across a group of horse riders while I was studying a map along the trail. While I was standing there, they came up a spur trail and just paused until I looked around and took my headphones out. The leader let me know that the horses just needed to look me in the eyes so that they didn't perceive me as a threat. So, I just stood still and watched them go by. When I thought they had gone past, I started to move, but one of the horses got a little nervous, so I stood still until they were far past. Therefore, I chose not to take any pictures, lest they got spooked.

On the way out, I sat on a bench built by the CCC and read the book I was working on. Then, I headed home. Just a quiet, pretty hike, but enjoyable.

treetops again

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