The Stunning Yellow Branch Falls

photo of waterfall

About 20 miles north of Walhalla, SC is the Yellow Branch Recreation Area, which contains the trailhead for the Yellow Branch Falls trail. This trail winds its way across streams may times before reaching the Yellow Branch waterfall. This trail is about 1.5 miles to the falls, and it is an easy-to-moderate hike.

photo of trees
photo of toad
photo of waterfall
photo of waterfall
photo of waterfall
photo of waterfall
photo of waterfall
photo of waterfall
photo of rock growing around boulder
photo of amphibian
photo of fungi
photo of insect
photo of rhododendron bloom
photo of fallen tree roots

Lake Jocassee's Raven Rock Trail

Photo of treetops

The Raven Rock trail is part of a small network of hiking trails in the Keowee Toxaway State Park in upstate South Carolina. This trail is a loop trail that branches off from the Natural Bridge loop trail, in the same area. Together, the Natural Bridge and Raven Rock trails form a 4.1-mile loop. The trailhead for these two trails is just off the visitor's center for the park, just off of Hwy. 11, between Hwy. 130 and U.S. 178.

Photo of natural bridge
Photo of tree and rock
Photo of rock vista
Photo of moss-covered rock
Photo of lizard on tree
Photo of root-strewn trail
Photo of Jocassee lake
Photo of lakeside
Photo of trees
Photo of treetops
Photo of tree roots
Photo of waterfall

Hiking along the East Fork Trail

Photo of trail through ferns

The East Fork Trail is part of the South Carolina Foothills Trail, an 80-mile trail stretching from Oconee State Park to Table Rock State Park. This section of the trail begins about 20 miles north of Walhalla and follows the East Fork of the Chattooga River. The trail itself is gorgeous, offering views of lush fields of ferns, rushing rapids, and amazing rock faces.

Photo of moss on fallen log
Photo of East Fork branch
Photo of path through ferns
Photo closeup of fern frond
Photo of rocks across stream
Photo of rock face
Photo of stream rapids
Photo of small waterfall
Photo of larger waterfall
Photo of tree growing over a rock


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